John Flamsteed : travail sur les erreurs d’instruments d’observation et la comparaison des tables astronomiques.

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Royal Greenwich Observatory Archives, Papers of John Flamsteed, Mural arc observations RGO 1/16 (former reference: A1/36), pp.23r, 2v-3r, 23r, 172v-173r


circa 1703-circa 1709
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Apographa' ('Exact copies'), second part: 'Observationes Coelestes' made between January 1694 and December 1703, with collected data from various sources and notes up to at least 1709, 185 folios. The volume includes work on instrument errors (2v-3r, 23r); observations of Mars compared with the Rudolphine Tables (172v-173r). 

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Précision des tables astronomiques, Précision des instruments d’observation, Précision des tables astronomiques