An attempt To prove the Motion of the Earth from Observations

I should have here described some Clocks and Time-keeppers of great use, nay absolute necessity in these and many other Astronomical observations, but that I reserve them for some attempts that are hereafter to follow, about the various wayes I have tryed, not without good success of improving Clocks and Watches, and adapting them for varius uses, as for accurating Astronomy, compleating the Tables of the fixt Stars to Seconds, discovery of Longitude, regulating Navigation and Geography, detecting the proprieties and effctes of motions for promoting secret a

Queen Anne

Born in 1665, the younger daughter of James VII and II by his first wife, Anne Hyde, Queen Anne inherited the throne in 1702. 

She came to Scotland as a 15-year-old when her father was Lord High Commissioner at Holyroodhouse, enjoying the balls and entertainments, but poor health in later years meant that she never made the journey north again.