Lettre No 3337. Galileo to the States General of the Netherlands, August 15th 1636

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Letter from Galileo to the States General of the Netherlands, August 15, Opere, Firenze : Edizione Nazionale 1636, vol XVI, pp. 463-69.

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“’I have such a time- measurer that if 4 or 6 examples of this instrument were constructed, and if they were allowed to operate at the same time, we would find that in confirmation of their accuracy, the times measured and indicated by these time-measurers would show differences of only one second, not only from hour to hour, but from day to day and from month to month, so uniform would be their operation; these clocks are really admirable for the observers of motion and celestial phenomenon, and in addition, their construction is very simple and far less subject to outside influences than the are other instruments which have been invented, for a similar purpose.” p. 20.


The pulse of Time, Galileo Galilei, the determination of longitude, and the pendulum clock, Biblioteca Di " Nuncius " (Tome 3), Silvio A. Bedini, Florence : Leo S. Olschki 1991

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Une petite partie de la lettre 3337 traduite en anglais. La description d'un intrument de mesure précise du temps afin de trouver un moyen fiable pour la détermination des longitudes en mer.

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Précision des instruments d’observation, Mesure du Temps