George Graham, Maker of Horological and Astronomical Instruments

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His life (George Graham's) is of particular interest to astronomers because of the part he played in the progress of their science. Although, by 1700, the telescope had increased astronomical knowledge by many discoveries, it was obvious that more accurate instruments had to be devised before further advance could be attained. Necessary mechanical improvements were furnished by George Graham ans others of his time. For exemple, the remarkable accurancy of the instruments with which Graham supplied James Bradley made possible the later's discovery of two new motions in the fixed stars, namely aberration and nutation. 


Reprinted from : Vassar Journal of Undergraduate Studies, Volume V-May 1931

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- Atkins, S. E., & Overall, W. H. (1881). Some Account of the Workshipful Company of Clockmakers of the City of London. London: Prively Printed.

Précision des instruments d’observation